Consignor Agreement

Consignment Term: 90 days Active followed by 30 days In Grace (the time between the end date and items becoming property of wish).

Consignor Access: After dropping off consignment for the first time, consignors will be emailed an invitation to Consignor Access. This is a login system for consignors to check on the status of their account and inventory, as well as all important dates. Consignor ID is the consignor’s first and last initials with the last 4 digits of their phone number. Consignors will create their own unique password and use this account to stay informed about their account and inventory. Consignors will keep all their contact information up to date in this profile.

Price Reductions: Items are reduced on the following schedule: after 30 days, 20% off the initial price and after 60 days, 50% off the initial price. All items are subject to the 10% off that consignors receive for spending their account credit in store to make a purchase, as well as any sales, promotions or other discounts Wish may offer. 

Split: The consignor will receive 50% of the selling price of each item minus taxes and fees, with two tiered percentage exceptions. Items sold for over $1000 will earn 60% of the selling price and items sold under $20 will earn 40% of the selling price.

Pay Outs: Consignors may spend their accrued account credit to make a purchase at any time. Account credit will increase by 10% when used to make a purchase (vs. requesting a payout). Alternatively, consignors may request a Pay Out in the form of a check or ACH transfer (coming soon). Pay Outs are available on the 15th of the month when requested by the 5th of the month using our Pay Out Request form. Pay Outs by mailed check or ACH under $250 will result in a fee of $3. Checks picked up in the store must be for available balances over $50 and are complementary. Mailed checks will be mailed to the address listed in consignor's Consignor Access profile at the time that they're processed. Wish is not responsible for keeping track of changes in address or for mail lost by the post office. Should a consignor request that a check be reissued for any reason including but not limited to loss, mail issues etc., a $50 fee will be deducted from the check's total.

Dropoff Schedule: Items for consignment must be dropped off during the correct seasonal dropoff period. Should the consignor drop off items outside of the scheduled seasonal dropoff period or dropoff unseasonable items, the consignment split will be changed to 60/40 (Wish: 60%, Consignor: 40%) on those items. This includes items shipped to the store outside of intake dates.

Liability: Wish will take exceptional care of the consignor's items. However, merchandise is left at the consignor’s own risk. Wish is not responsible for loss or damage to consignor's items caused by fire, flood, theft, accident, handling or any other cause. Items found to be damaged will be donated or possibly sold at a reduced rate at the sole discretion of wish.

Account Activity: Consignment accounts will stay active provided the account has had activity within the last 12 months. Account activity is defined as: consignment items sold or using account credit towards purchasing new items from Wish. Once an account is inactive, Account Credit will become Store Credit.

End Date/Expiration/In Grace/Reclaims: Any inventory left at Wish more than 30 days after the End Date becomes Expired and therefore property of Wish. During this 30 day window, items will be shown in Consignor Access with a status of In Grace. Consignors who would like to Reclaim any In Grace items must request to do so via our Reclaim Request form. Items will not Expire (become property of Wish) between the consignor submitting this request and the items being ready for pick up. Consignors have 2 weeks from the pick up email date to come in and pick up the requested items, or those items will Expire and become property of Wish. Any decision made about expired inventory is made at the sole discretion of Wish. Due to the time that pulling and managing Reclaims takes us, items reclaimed at the end of the term will incur a fee of $0.50 per item. This fee will come out of the consignor’s accrued credit. This reclaim fee will be waived for Wish Lux items which can be reclaimed by the consignor at the end of the term free of charge. Should a consignor want to reclaim an item before it’s end date (early termination) the consignor's account will be charged 25% of the current list price.

Customer Returns: Wish does allow customers to return merchandise sold online. Because of this, consignor’s may see an item marked as sold on their Consignor Access account but then marked as available in the coming week.

Exclusivity: Consignors are not to list any consigned items for sale concurrently on any other platforms.