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a bit about wish

Wish is the home of a carefully curated contemporary collection of women's clothing and accessories from J. Crew to Chanel, and everything in between. With new arrivals daily to our store at 80 Thames St and our online shop (here on wishnewport.com/shop), you never know what you'll find. We strive to have a little something for everyone, including clothing, accessories, shoes and jewelry. Kate believes in dressing for yourself and what makes you happy and feel good while respecting the venue, occasion or company that outfit may be needed for. That's the energy we maintain at wish, especially in the dressing rooms where every body is a good body. We treasure the community that surrounds wish, and that many frequent customers will tell you, “nearly my whole closet is from wish”

We stock our store by a consignment model so if you have items that you think might be a good fit for our store, please head to our consign section.

a bit about kate

I have frequently been the person (and closet) that friends and family turned to if they needed to borrow an outfit, assistance with styling, or help sourcing the perfect outfit, long before wish. My love of clothing was maybe second only to my understanding and appreciation of the environment. With an early distaste for the severe waste of the fashion industry and on a perpetual hunt for unique pieces, I naturally always chose to shop second hand first. I continue to love helping my friends and customers style themselves for an event or track down a specific wardrobe staple (new jeans anyone?). 

How did we get to opening at 80 Thames Street in the spring of 2016? While helping out one of the original founders of wish in 2015, it quickly became clear to me and those around me that wish's next iteration would be in my hands. As the daughter and granddaughter of Rhode Island small business owners, even at 25 I knew owning my own business was in my future and that this was it. I chose a new location for the store. I wanted people to visit the shop on purpose and hoped to accomplish that by being close enough to walk from downtown but a little off the beaten path on upper Thames off Washington Square. The surrounding area has grown quite a bit since then, and I feel so lucky to have excellent, locally owned shops and restaurants as our neighbors.

Since growing up in Jamestown, I’ve called Newport home for 10 years with my husband Mr. Wish. We added everyone's favorite greeter, our Pomeranian Margo, to our family in 2022. Stop in and say hi, even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, Margo would love to meet you, and I always say “you find the best treasures when you’re looking for nothing at all”.

xo Kate

Parking and Locating Us

Wish is located at 80 Thames St. There are many ways to walk to us but Thames St is one-way so if you're driving, Wish will be on the left. Street parking is frequently available on Thames St and Coddington St throughout the year (marked in pink below). Of course, do read all posted signage wherever you park. We do also have one parking spot that may be available to customers and consignor when you come in the small lot at the corner of Coddington St and Charles St (marked below by the pink car icon). If you're having trouble finding us, give us a call and we'll be happy to help! 401.848.0202