active (consigned in 2023) and new or inactive

Consignment Checklist

Item Guidelines

Items you'd like considered for consignment should be:

  • women's clothing, shoes or accessories
  • clean & without imperfections (holes, stains, wear spots)
  • newly purchased within the last 3ish years (5 years max- we will occasionally consider older items if they are classic cuts in natural fibers, if they are high end luxury designer, or if they are eclectic vintage pieces)
  • in season (for the season we are currently accepting)
  • neatly folded in a reusable shopping tote bag (like these from HomeGoods etc)

Consignor Agreement

Please fill out a consignment agreement each calendar year.

Drop Off Times

Weekdays: between 11:30am-4:30pm

Saturdays: We only take consignment on Saturdays by appointment. If you need one, please book a Saturday slot here.

Sundays: between 12:30pm-3:30pm

Seasonal Consignment Schedule

We take consignment on specified days at the start of each season. These dates will be kept up to date on our Schedule + Appointments page. This page is also where new and inactive consignors can book an appointment.

Shipping Consignment

Please fill out a shipping consignment form each time you ship items for consignment. Make sure your items will arrive during the correct seasonal consignment period. We prefer if you can ship your items in as few number of boxes as possible. Items consigned via mail that are rejected or do not sell are not currently eligible for return to the consignor unless you pick them up in person within 30 days of the End Date (same as our standard consignment policy regarding Expired Items). If you have specific questions about this policy or your items, please let us know. To have a better idea if an item will be accepted for consignment, consider sending us photos of your items for consideration via email to with the subject Prospective Shipped Consignment.

Consignment FAQs

Do I need an appointment to consign?

New and inactive consignors need to make an to appointment to consign here. Existing consignors only need an appointment to consign on Saturdays at this time using this link.

What should I expect during drop off?

We will do our best to accommodate your drop off, but please understand that if the store is too busy with customers, we may not allow you to drop off. You can always call ahead by a few minutes to check on our availability. Your drop off should take about 15 minutes. We ask that you give us some space to look through your items. Should we have questions about an item, we will ask. This is a good time to shop around a little! We will carefully select items based on their condition, style, desirability of brand, and season. Please understand that sometimes there may be items that we decline or will not be able to sell.

I've consigned with you in the past but how do I know if I'm an active consignor?

Active consignors have consigned in the last year. If you did not consign in 2023, you are an inactive consignor and have the same drop off and rules as new consignors.

When will my items go out for sale?

Everything at Wish is processed and made available for sale in the order that it was dropped off.

Do you take designer replicas?

Wish does not accept designer replicas or inauthentic designer goods. Should there be any doubt of authenticity, Wish may choose to have an item authenticated by a 3rd party. Unless the consignor can provide proof of purchase, the cost of authentication will be deducted from the consignor’s account upon the sale of the item.

Do you wash or dry clean items after they're dropped off?

The short answer: no. We ask that all items come to us clean and hanger ready. Should an item be dropped off and in need of cleaning, we may choose to donate the item or attempt to clean the item. Cleaning an item will result in a $5 charge against your account when the item sells. Please understand we only do this with items we think have a very high chance of selling and that are monetarily worth our time to do so, otherwise the item will be donated. Take a really close look at your items for imperfections and cleanliness before you drop off.

How do you set prices?

Prices are set based on comparative items, condition, original value, and market prices. Keep in mind that with deeper discounts being taken at department stores and discount retailers (e.g. TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, etc.) for new items, the gently used items we sell must be competitively priced under those price points.

What happens to expired items?

Items left at Wish 30 days after their End Date become Expired and therefore property of Wish.

What if I forget to pick up my unsold items?

Items left at Wish longer than 120 days (90 day consignment term plus 30 day In Grace period) become property of Wish. Please understand that we don’t have unlimited storage to hang onto items left longer than 30 days after the consignment term. Stay in touch with us. We know many of our consignors split their time in another location or are just plain busy. Although we won't notify you if you haven't picked up, we are happy to hear from you if you're trying to get here and things aren't going to plan.